To upload PDF e-tickets into a sale, sign into your Vivid Seats account and navigate to the Listing Manager using the links on the left side of your My Account.

Then, click the sales tab and find the sale you would like to upload tickets for.

Once you click on the sale, you will be brought to the sale details page. Check the box confirming that you have tickets in hand and that you are ready to send them now. Then, click the red "Upload tickets" button.

Next, click the blue link to "Upload an eTicket file". 

Doing so will allow you to browse your computer for the PDF file. Once you locate where you have saved it, select the file and click "Open".

It's okay if your file has more tickets than you sold, you will be asked to select which ones you would like to send to the customer. You can view each page of the file you uploaded by clicking on the numbered boxes. When you are on one that you wish to send, click the "Include" button. If you accidentally choose one to include that you didn't mean to, you can undo it by clicking "Exclude". 

When you're done, click the red "Upload Tickets" button. This will send the tickets to the customer and complete your sale.